Sad news for Arts Dyslexia Trust

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The Arts Dyslexia Trust exists to support people and projects to develop visual thinkers in all occupations who are particularly disadvantaged through Dyslexia. The Trust is keen to work with AchieveAbility and the Lifelong Learning Networks to develop learning and teaching strategies to assist this group. AchieveAbility and the Arts Dyslexia Trust have collaborated on work in research with Dr Beverley Steffert Chair and Susan Parkinson (RIP)

AchieveAbility is working in the areas of visual research with new research for multi dimensional thinking

Proposal for collaborative research with the Roskilde Festival in testing block design in adults The principal prioritises participation in research programmes for visual thinking. Beverley Steffert and AchieveAbility

Dr Beverley Steffert: Chair of the Arts Dyslexia Trust
"Dedicated to changing the word - to the image" ...!

Art Works limited edition publication (1998)
The Arts Dyslexia Trust
Editors Preface
Dr Ian Biggs Trustee of the Arts Dyslexia Trust (1998)
Lord Hindlip