Online Visual Reading course

16/05/2022, 03:46 pm

Online Visual Reading course started in September 2021 through the DSA, replacing and upgrading the online

SuperReading Eyehopping course

Engagement* is currently running at 96%

Completion within 3 months is currently 83%

On completion, students are reading, on average, more than 3 times faster than before the course and with better comprehension/recall.

Before the course, 58% of students were reading slower than the postgraduate mean. After the course, every student so far is reading much faster than 99.9% of postgraduates, with a current mean reading speed of 634 words per minute.

The average time taken to achieve a speed faster than 99.9% of postgraduates is currently less than 5 weeks (ranging from 1 to 10 weeks).

You can read what students say about the course here:

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