The Launch of AchieveAbility E-Journal Issue 1 Spring 2020

05/04/2020, 09:47 pm

Press Release for 6 April 2020
The Launch of AchieveAbility E-Journal Issue 1 Spring 2020 ISSN number 2634-0798
Neurodiverse Voices: Good Practice in the Workplace

On Monday 6 April the AchieveAbility charity are delighted to launch the first peer reviewed
AchieveAbility E-Journal based on our research seminar: ‘Neurodiverse Voices: Opening
Doors to Employment’ held at the University of Westminster in May 2019. This launch will
happen by electronic dissemination through: Social Media, Web links and Email distribution.
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This AchieveAbility E-Journal uniquely celebrates the notion of neurodiversity, those of us
who are *neurodivergent and the collective community who are *neurodiverse. While
maintaining the research and editorial standards expected by more formal research-based
journals, this AchieveAbility E-Journal takes an inclusive editorial policy to encourage the
particular experience, original thinking and preferred communication styles, formats and
media of contributors.

The main aim of the Journal is to: To provide a forum for exchange and debate that informs
policy, strategy and practice on Neurodiversity within our society.
The e-journal is available via the AchieveAbility website
and contributors include: ACAS, Prospect UK, Katherine Kindersley, Dyslexia Scotland,
Charles Freeman, Disability Collaborative Network, Dr James Richard, AchieveAbility with
St Mungo’s, Diversity and Ability (DnA), DFN Charitable Foundation, Klaudia Matasovska
and Inclusion North. The key topics are: Policy and Good Practice, Strategy in the Creative
Industries, Inclusivity and Employment and Supported Access to Employment.
Throughout April we will be actively engaging with the neurodiverse community on social
media to provide a platform of discussion. In October 2020 we will aim to set up an event to
debate the ‘Neurodiversity within our society’ Journal philosophy – going forward.

Editors: Dr Ross Cooper, Professor Debra Kelly, Dr Katherine Hewlett
Reviewers: Dr Melanie Thorley, Liz Gentilcore, Dr Katherine Hewlett
Readers: Kevin Maskell, Richard Pitts
Social Media: Becki Morris
Advocate: Craig Kennady
Mobile: 07922190357

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