Neurodiversity in Action debate March 16

03/04/2016, 06:59 pm

The debate panel will be collecting the main points to circulate in the near future with a call for action. Thank you so much for your contributions!

In the mean time the key themes to come out of the debate were the following:

The need for Neurodiverse adults

• To have proper representation by working together for a collective voice – a coherent lobby for a coherent message. This is about what we do and linking up with allies

‘nothing about us, without us’

• The need for greater emphasis on results rather than the process – with changes put in place for alternative testing and assessment in the workplace and in education.

• A need for consistency in systems such as Access to Work, Job Centre Plus and the Disability Student Allowance to ensure that Neurodiverse adults can access this support

• Clarity on the legislation that is in plain English

• Accessibility of information on a web site populated with videos and images

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