Comic Relief funds REFUND

15/02/2017, 06:17 pm

AchieveAbility is working with Camden Recovery unit and St Mungos to bring skills and resources to those who are in recovery and Neurodivergent

We are working with those who are most in need to ensure a better future with the REFUND project

REFUND: Recovery and education for undiagnosed Neurodivergence

The program is unique and will be for those in recovery who are:
dyslexic or ADHD, autistic dyspraxia, dyscalculia or asperger’s.
This is called being ‘ Neurodivergent’ and can be strength.
Camden Recovery Service have teamed up with AchieveAbility a
user lead charity to provide the following:
• Sessions about your strengths and skills
• Mentoring to progress to employment & training
• Networking opportunities with successful role models
• Short courses to give you the skills for:
Reading- writing- presentations- form filling-communication
computer work- CV’s- job hunting- note taking- spelling
• Professional accredited training sessions
• Advice, guidance and reference opportunities

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  1. Eleanor Williams:

    Just noticed this was in 2017. Do you offer these services still? Even better, do you offer them in kent?