Tribute to Dyslexia Action

16/04/2017, 12:41 pm

AchieveAbility would like to pay tribute to the work undertaken by Dyslexia Action. We are so sad to hear that Dyslexia Action will no longer exist. However we are very pleased to hear that the Dyslexia Action training will still remain.

Dyslexia Action were key partners for AchieveAbility when in 2004 we were a UK national project. Margaret Rooms was integral to our success and made our work a joy with the consistent support of Dyslexia Action. They were excellent in their collaboration by sharing expertise and knowledge for the greater good of dyslexic people. Over 40 years Dyslexia Action provided key services to dyslexic individuals. They were early pioneers who worked to establish an understanding of dyslexia so all of us might benefit.

Barry Sheerman MP
Katherine Hewlett
Ross Cooper
Pierre Marsh
Debra Kelly
Graeme Hall
Melanie Thorley
Craig Kennady
Kevin Maskell
(AchieveAbility Board)

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