Sir John Cass Foundation Ambassador Scheme


Over the two year period, 2006 - 08, ambassadors visited participating schools and colleges to work with teachers and SENCOs to deliver workshop sessions and presentations to learners who might have a SpLD (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Dyscalculia). These sessions included initiatives such as; peer assisted learning, multi-sensory work, exercises in experiential learning, use of technology to develop a new multi-sensory approach to learning as well as presentations on University life and the ambassadors own learning journey. Evidence has shown that SpLD learners significantly benefit from this multi-sensory approach.
The Sir John Cass Foundation funded project for the London ambassador scheme for learners with disabilities, concluded the findings of the project through the dissemination event on 23rd April at Queen Mary University London. This three year project demonstrated that sustainability of intervention was key to learner progression, to further and higher education, that teacher awareness of the progression issues was vital in over coming barriers to FE and HE. The executive summary of the evaluation report outlined some of these key findings, it has been a great pleasure to work with London East Thames Gateway AimHigher partners and the Sir John Cass foundation in delivering this important project to learners in schools and colleges who have either specific learning difficulties, physical and sensory impairments and autistic spectrum conditions. The SJCF London Ambassador Scheme for Learners with Disabilities [pdf]