E Journal from Neurodivergent seminar recording 2020

AchieveAbility is making an impact with the publication of our interactive e journals. The second issue is now available, published during Dyslexia Awareness week 2021.

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Our e journals are also hosted by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama- who are part of the University of London. The RCSSD have a track record of excellence in their research portfolio and work with Neurodivregent students. Please see the Foreword of the publication.

The publication of AchieveAbility’s second e-journal couldn’t have arrived at a more crucial time and during Dyslexia Awareness week.

In November 2020, the charity hosted a Zoom conference:

‘Neurodiverse Voices: Good Practice in the Workplace in a time of Covid’

This conference brought together representatives from over 50 organisations across the UK. The success of the conference emphasised the urgent need to explore ways of ensuring neurodivergent people aren’t further marginalised in both the workplace and higher education during this extraordinary moment.

This new e-journal is the result of this. It is a unique publication, bringing together a vast array of both academic research and personal testimony from our neurodiverse community. It puts the neurodivergent experience during the pandemic at the forefront and forms an excellent guide on how to move forward together to raise further awareness and bring permanent change.

Neurodivergent Voices: good practice in workplace in a time of Covid
Programme of speakers [pdf]

Thank you to all for your contributions at the AchieveAbility seminar which was in collaboration with the Dyslexia Adult Network (DAN) - Wednesday 25 November 2020

We would like to thank our speakers for their time and expertise in providing these thought provoking talks. Also thank you to MyClearText, for providing the captions.

There were 56 people in attendance and some feedback can be sourced in the saved chat attached. Our landing slide on the recording show some hash tags - if you would like to connect with social media about the seminar.

Some Key areas of the seminar were:

The need for flexibility and trust in the workplace
Reasonable adjustments that are the norm
Assessment in the workplace
Support that enables performance
Well being
Emotional intelligence
Senior advocates and champions
Self advocacy - the Passport Scheme
Education and Training
The end of presenteeism - a cultural shift in workplaces
Multiple ways to remote working

The seminar captured valuable discussion in response to these talks and showed how important these contributions are to shared knowledge.

We hope you will submit to the E Journal in the New Year. This can be in a range of formats such as a link to your recorded talk, visuals or a text based paper.

Tom Neil Senior Adviser at ACAS - Neurodiversity in the Shadow of Covid -19 : Flexibility and Trust

Katherine Kindersley Director at Dyslexia Assessment and Consultancy - Promoting Successful Performance

Becki Morris from Disability Collaborative Network (DCN) and Sarah Simcoe from EMBED - The Passport Scheme

Atif Choudhury CEO and Meghan Reed from Diversity and Ability - Active Use of Technology in the Worklace