AchieveAbility new workshops

AchieveAbility is now offering a series of workshops for staff in schools and colleges to help reshape tutorial and enrichment packages.

The components include:

* SMT coaching interview to identify the essential elements of a holistic curriculum

* Exploring new college models and ways to use available resources to achieve personalisation

* Developing a holistic ILP as an interactive tool to promote the learning dialogue

* Raising career and HE aspirations by increasing learner autonomy and motivation

* One to one tutorial delivery to include focused coaching techniques, the role of the tutor, motivational interview models and effective target setting

* Modules also available on diversity, peer-mentoring, cultural identity and citizenship

The consultancy and training can be tailored to meet institutional requirement. The workshops are offered flexibly as a day of half day workshops.

Vivien Guy is a Personalised Learning expert for AchieveAbility. She has considerable experience as a senior FE manager with strategic responsibility for leadership on tutorial, enrichment activities and differentiated teaching and learning.

Her work has consistently received recognition from OFSTED for good practice. Her embedding of peer-mentoring has appeared as a case study on the OFSTED good practice web site.

Contact: Vivien Guy: 07766701843
Katherine Hewlett: 07922 190357


AchieveAbility personalised learning [pdf]

AchieveAbility sessions for staff in schools and colleges to raise awareness of Dyslexia

All learners have different ways of recognising, understanding and remembering information. The learning differences faced by SpLD learners are not exclusive but can be based on a learning approach. The majority of learners, of all abilities, use a combination of preferred learning styles.

AchieveAbility has found that by making class learning more accessible to SpLD learners, staff can, in fact, make learning more accessible to all learners in a class.

The intellectual gains to be made by this approach are substantial, contributing to increased attainment and achievement.

Contact: Katherine Hewlett: 07922 190357


Awareness of Dyslexia in the classroom [pdf]
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