Olympics endorse the Inspiring Posters Project

Workshop students celebrate ' Inspiring Posters Project' achievements with the Mayor of Redbridge
Councillor Muhammed Javed.

The end of project celebration event was held at Loxford School on Thursday 25 April 2013. 
Second phase of Inspiring Posters Project funded by 'The London Community Foundation' formally the East London Community Fund

As from March 12 to March 2013 the Inspiring Poster Project has been extended to Redbridge Schools in East London. The project has benefited from further funding

There will be six workshops delivered by leading artists. Managed by AchieveAbility; the first workshop took place on 28 March 2012 at Oaks Park High School. When Adam Graddon MA (RCA) worked with over 20 young people from a range of age groups. The outcome of the workshop was an 8 minute animation. Some of the stills of the animation can be viewed on the Inspiring Posters Gallery.

Adam has now also worked with Loxford Academy during November 2012.

Leon Cole worked with Beal High School and Loxford School from October to December 2012 and in the New Year - 2013.

First phase of Inspiring Poster Project was funded by Tesco:

As from September to December 2011 workshops were delivered entirely in collaboration with the young people (ages 14 to 18) for the following beneficial objectives: 1)Team working and decision making. 2) Creative and innovative thinking. 3) Healthy competitive spirit. 4) Development of communication skills. 5) Experience of working with leading arts professionals. The artists were: Artists are:
Beatrice Cofield, Emma Elliott, Leon Cole, Adam Graddon, Stephen Garratt, Asli Ahmet, Katherine Hewlett

The overarching output of the project is to promote the qualities of visual and verbal communication and develop those skills through a programme of workshops for young people in East London and a final competition. To produce a series of online and real time posters celebrating London East End cultural and sporting activities that will promote the youth legacy of the Inspire Programme.

Workshop outputs:
Create collaborations between communities, educational and cultural sectors
Support the learning ,skills and personal development of young people
Encourage and welcome involvement from communities

The purpose of the final competition will be to further: develop young people’s professional skills for organisation

Competition outputs:
Develop young people's professional skills for organisation
Showcase excellence in the performing arts and creative industries as well as sport.
Promote the core values of the Inspire Programme and our funders
Inclusion in the Cultural Olympiad

What will the project actually do?
Inspiring Posters Project has worked collaboratively with 100 young people in the East End of London to deliver a programme of 8 workshops. Each workshop took place at the School or College. Each workshop inspired a set of images for innovative online and real time posters depicting the youth culture and the values of 2012 in the East End of London.

The Arts Dyslexia Trust and AchieveAbility provided the artists and the AchieveAbility Network linked up with the Schools, Colleges within some of the most disadvantaged boroughs of East London : Waltham Forest, Newham, Hackney, Barking and Ilford. AchieveAbility had worked with these boroughs through the AimHigher London East Thames Gateway partnership.