New courses for the unemployed who are dyslexic

The next course will be on the following Mondays: 21 and 28 JUly and 4 August from 10-12pm
This course is specifically for those wishing to improve their IT skills on the computer.
The venue has availability for six places each person will have their own computer to use. 
Quotes from attendees signposted to the course by work providers and Redbridge Job Club.

' Being in a classroom with fellow dyslexics is great- we have all mucked in together'

'What we have done today has proved positive. I had to do three drafts for my presentation. This proved useful for my interview and a positive'

'A challenge. Helpful with life skills with the scanning for reading. Any obstacles are discussed'

Building on the Strengths of Dyslexia for the workforce is a Programme which will provide greater opportunities for adults, who are Dyslexic, to identify ways they can develop their skills for learning. The programme will provide three stand alone courses to unemployed clients at Redbridge Job Centre Plus and Redbridge Work Programme Providers.

The aims are:
To build confidence - To enable ownership of learning -To recognise and value prior experience

Each course will run four sessions, with each session lasting two hours in length in a supportive learning environment, which meets each person's individual learning requirements.

Some of the objectives of the sessions will be:
1 Personal self development- the strengths of Dyslexia;
- Your own way of learning
- Working to your strengths
- Presentation planning

2 Communication skills;
- Public speaking
- Giving and receiving feedback
- Time management

3 Study skills;
- Fast track reading
- Note taking

4 Information Advice and Guidance - Establish an action plan towards further opportunity in employment, education and training.
Assistive Solutions have kindly supplied assistive technology for the course.

WordQ and SpeakQ

A word prediction, speech recognition & feedback multi-language DVD.

AchieveAbility at Adult Learners week in Redbridge

Adult Learners Week is important to Redbridge Libraries and to other providers of Adult Education and to adults learning through achieving their potential via all forms of learning.

Adult learners attending Redbridge adult education classes, who also have Dyslexia, are surmounting many hurdles to achieve and often in the face of a history of problems with reading or numeracy.

As part of Adult Learners week, and included in the Redbridge Book and Media Festival, AchieveAbility profiled the Dyslexia course for unemployed adults. The event took place at Fullwell Cross Library celebrating the achievements of Adult Learners.