STLHE Conference Presentation for InCurriculum

The outcomes of the InCurriculum project were outlined in a recent presentation given, by Katherine Hewlett, at the 2011 annual conference for the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Canada.

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The conference preentation was supported by a grant kindly donated by the Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust

InCurriculum: Developing the AchieveAbility of an inclusive curriculum in Higher Education drawn from learning and teaching strategies for students with specific learning differences

InCurriculum was a collaborative project between Norwich University College of the Arts, University of Westminster and De Montfort University. The three year project started in 2007 and was funded by a grant from the Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowship Scheme.

The project aimed to develop examples of an inclusive curriculum for HE, building on the expertise and practice set in plane in the UK by the AchieveAbility National Network. InCurriculum is working to transfer its outcomes to the HE sector, investigating and piloting mechanism for mainstreaming an inclusive teaching and learning environment for all students.

InCurriculum focused on three modules or units in each of the three participating institutions. These were modified and evaluated by means of an action research process over the time-span of the project. Delivery of each module is being modified each year in the light of findings.

Project Outputs include;
- 9 modules packages
- Report on good practice
- 2 dissemination conferences
- Network of HE experts
- Model of inclusive curriculum
- Staff development materials

For further details please visit the project website