Advocacy ND programme

In recognition of AchieveAbility's participatory approach to the WFDA adult work the National Lottery have funded the WFDA for two years to provide a programme of Advocacy for neurodivergent (ND) adults.

For the project “Advocacy supporting neurodivergent adults” the WFDA has partnered with AchieveAbility to support some of the most marginalised adults in our society who are Neurodivergent (ND).

AchieveAbility has a track record of working with the most vulnerable particularly through their work with St Mungo’s. The partnership will bring expertise in advocacy, mentoring, technology and communications skills.

AchieveAbility will provide the day-to-day supervision of the Advocate project as they will also be devising and delivering the training for the Advocates and the delivery of the Zoom sessions.

We have 10 ND advocates who are passionate about their contribution to the Adult service, which comprise of: monthly Adult meetups and our “Next Step” sessions for developing your skills in communications.

Our advocates will
• support ND adults to participate in discussions
• enable more ND people to fulfill their potential
• empower the ND voice
• actively encourage participants to deliver talks on a topic that they feel passionate about
• act as role models for the livedIn experiences
• facilitate speaker topics to be chosen by participants
A partnership between AchieveAbility, the WFDA and the National Lottery 
New Advocates programme " Advocacy 4 ND " funded by the National Lottery has started. A partnership between AchieveAbility and Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association ( WFDA)