South London AimHigher

Aimhigher London South

Aimhigher London South is a limited company working with partner institutions to ensure fair access to Higher Education for young people from non-traditional backgrounds. We do this by collectively working with schools, colleges, Universities, education providers and employers to enable and support their transition onto Higher Education.

AHLS provides access to a range of collaborative activities and Resources designed to ensure fair access and support the progression onto Higher Education for young people from non-traditional backgrounds. Through our termly Network meetings of Member schools, colleges and universities our members are better able to meet their own needs, the needs of specific groups of students and the staff who work with them.

the more pupils feel engaged with the Aimhigher process, through communication structures in place within their school, the more they feel the Aimhigher programme benefits them (Aimhigher London South, Research Schools report, Bickle 2011)

As a member, you have instant access to a range of services, including Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance Resources and (free of charge) priority booking to student activities and events.