Barry Sheerman is President of AchieveAbility

Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield

Is the Champion and President for AchieveAbility. He has extensive experience in educational issues and has played a key role in education policy and debates. He is an energetic social and political entrepreneur having initiated over 30 different social enterprises over 20 years. He is currently actively involved in Policy Connect, the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety, Urban Mines and the John Clare Education and Environment Trust.

Barry Sheerman has been successfully elected as MP for Hudderfield with 45% of the votes in the May 2015 National Elections.

AchieveAbility greatly appreciates that Barry Sheerman has agreed to support our work.

The Parliamentary Commission on Autism, instigated by Barry Sheerman MP, had its inaugural meeting on December 1st 2015. The National Autism Project was represented by Professor Emily Simonoff, one of our Strategy Board members. The well-attended meeting provoked lively discussion which resulted in agreement on two areas of priority access to healthcare and employment both of which topics are very relevant to the goals of NAP. A further meeting will take place early in 2016.

Mr Sheerman, who is the founder of the Autism Commission said the national children's group had been set up amid concerns that since the Department for Children Schools and Families was replaced by the Department for Education in 2010 he believed there was a lack of a policy focus on issues around children and children's services.

One area the commission will look at is the how the provision for young people with autism changes as they move out of education until adult life.

In a statement the National Children's Group said: All too often, provision up until age 18 is reasonable but the transition from education to employment, from childhood to adulthood and from children's service to adult services can be much like falling off a cliff edge.

Only 15 per cent of adults with autism are in full-time paid employment. The National Children's Group feel it is time for government, charities, employers and families to collaborate to change this gross inequality and have founded the Autism Commission to do just that.
Barry Sheerman MP hosts AchieveAbility reception at the House of Commons