The AchieveAbility ejournal is now calling for contributions to our 4th edition

AchieveAbility is pleased to announce the third edition of the AchieveAbility e Journal

The only journal that is totaly unique to the Neurodiverent Voice

achieveability-3rd-edition-neurodivergent-voices-calling-for-change-from-intersectional-perspectives-2022 [pdf]

The third issue of the AchieveAbility E Journal has been virtually launch on 8 February 2023

On Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 7 pm AchieveAbility and Dyspla showed a Preview of the AchieveAbility e journal 3rd

edition The recording of that preview will be available soon

Hosted by the Royal Central School of Speach and Drama (RCSSD) the AchieveAbility journal of Neurodivergent

Voices is informed by research and analysis and rooted in personal experiences.

The collective of 11 voices offers deep reflection on and practical insight into the complexities and realities of intersectional
neurodivergent experiences ; intertwined with multiple other aspects of identity and experience. The journal is a mix of different formats. We showed the film by the award winning arts organisation Dyspla journal hich profiles four of the neurodivergent authors in an exciting new visual approach. The film and journal talks about the societal, professional and personal challenges encountered by neurodivergent people of being differently abled; of equality, diversity and inclusion; of the experience of the workplace; of shame and trauma; of autism; of race; of gender; of sexuality; of dyslexia.

We are very pleased with the high caliber of our neurodivergent authors who are contributing to this journal titled

"Neurodiverse Voices: Calling for Change from Intersectional Perspectives"

We are proud to have as our host for the editions of the AchieveAbility journal the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama has once again been recognised as a ‘world-leading’ specialist provider by the Office for Students (OfS).

The designation was made as part of a wider funding review of specialist institutions in which the OfS asked institutions to demonstrate ‘a level of quality and expertise (in a subject area) that gives a provider an ongoing reputation internationally as being among the finest in the world’.

Central Principal and CEO Josette Bushell-Mingo OBE said:

“This welcome news is an external recognition of the work and impact of Central. It also means we must work harder to maintain this – together with our students and staff. This is an important moment and I look forward to our continued journey.”

The outcome of the review acknowledges Central’s global reputation, the exceptional quality of its teaching and staff, and the positive impact the School makes on the wider arts sector. This includes the enormous contributions of Central’s alumni community to the performing arts industries, as well as within cultural, educational, social and community settings around the world.
Annual Review for year ending 2021

Objectives and activities a. Strategic Objectives
- To unlock the potential of those who are dyslexic and other forms of neurodivergent conditions.
- To support neurodivergent adults in the workplace
- To recognise and value the strengths of neurodivergent adults

b. Review of activities:

Focus: AchieveAbility is a small focused charity set up by neurodivergent people for neurodivergent adults, supported by a small committed and amazing team. We are change catalysts. We do this because we believe in what we do. Therefore AchieveAbility is a user led charity with a membership that is apolitical. The charity ethos is embedded in all we do.

Aim: To work towards a society that positively recognises our strengths and to achieve our full potential and ability in education, training and employment.

Strategic Objectives:
• To unlock the potential of those who are neurodivergent and other forms of neurodivergent conditions.
• To support neurodivergent adults in the workplace
• To recognise and value the strengths of the neurodivergent


Objectives and activities (continued)

c. Board meetings and events organised by AchieveAbility

Board membership New Board members: David Hermanstein Antonia Douglas Lenna Marson

Skills audit of Board members completed April 2021

The Board represents a diverse and inclusive membership.

AchieveAbility meetings
Editorial meeting for the e Journal mid January 2021
Planning meeting Monday 8th March 2021
Board meetings:
21 September 2020
14 December 2020
6 February 2021
126 July 2021

Context and planning
The following planning and delivery happened with the pandemic happening. This meant that throughout our financial year ending July 2021 AchieveAbility has continued to work virtually in the way we communicate, plan, deliver and conduct our work. Both in research and project management

At our March 2021 planning meeting we agreed to continue with our vision set in 2020 . By 2022 AchieveAbility aims to be the ‘go to organisation’ for research based evidence to support practice. We therefore aim to have:
• A higher profile
• Steady income
• Increase our social media presence
• Develop research project capacity

In all of the above AchieveAbility has worked towards these targets. We are now publishing an annual e journal. Our income has increased with donations, collaborative projects and new funding from the National Lottery. Our profile has increased with greater activity on social media.

From 2020 we planned to develop an annual budget for a 3year cycle. We now have an annual planning meeting facilitated by our Vice Chair

For our research work we are moving forward with our goal that by 2024 we wish to be a sustainable charity that engages with younger activists and researchers.

To Achieve this:
We work in collaboration on resources, profile and practice. In 2020 we intended to develop:

• A repository of research for neurodivergent adults
• A network of researchers
• A brand and values neurodivergent adults will recognise
• Continue to maintain our teamwork ethos of sharing practice


Objectives and activities (continued)

We have continued to build on this work. Our e journal is now hosted by the Central School of Speech and

All planning set out in the AchieveAbility year ending July 2020 annual report has therefore been achieved. AchieveAbility has two clear strands we work to:

• Grassroots - we deliver high impact projects for the hardest to reach. This work creates strong local links with partners. Specifically for adults over 16 years.

• Nationally - We are look to develop high profile research projects

3) Involvement with like-minded organisations
• Dyslexia Adult Network (DAN): AA is a participating member
• Westminster Autism Commission
• Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association (WFDA): Collaboration on course delivery
• Disability Collaborative Network (DCN): Training
• University of Greenwich: Planning activities and DSA work
• University of Westminster: DSA work
• St Mungo’s: Delivery of workshops

Social Media planning has been set up with new team for: Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin

We have been approved for the Social Mobility Pledge. This pledge represents our ethos of inclusive work to support diversity and neurodivergence.

Next Steps Course
West Euston Partnership and work with ICope
We are now an accredited DSA provider
St Mungo’s Digital Skills for Homeless people

Next Steps
The Next Step project was delivered in three stages to enable dyslexic adults fulfill their potential and reached 70 participants in East London. The project enabled progression through to the workplace using each stage to support this process.

Sessions were tailor-made, individualised for each person’s needs. Some worked on writing skills - such as writing emails and filling in forms; others on basic literacy and learning to read and write. To assist in memory and organisational skills, mobile technology was utilised as a support and to share what they knew.

Eight IAG sessions were delivered for the West Euston Partnership. Sessions were conducted by telephone. Each IAG lasted from two hours to 4 hours depending on client needs. A fruitful collaboration was brokered with the NHS service ICope

DSA work to support Post graduate (PG) and doctoral ND students in receipt of Disability student allowance (DSA) funding. AA had been approached to provide this support. AA tutors are either PATOSS accredited or Dyslexia Guild accredited. The Needs Assessor is happy to recommend AA as a registered supplier. Capacity of
10 students.


Objectives and activities (continued)

St Mungo’s work
A programme of 6 months of recorded talks and live Zoom sessions throughout October
2020 to March 2021. Funded by the Community Lottery.

Part 1 - October to December 2020
Two sessions – Managing the work place 5th and 12th November Two sessions – Emotional intelligence 19th and 26th November Two sessions – Support in the work place 3rd and 10th December

Part 2 January - February 2021
Live Zoom sessions for New Year on Wednesdays through and Zoom 11-12pm
27th Jan Wonderful world of Neurodivergence
3th Feb What is Neurodivergence?
10th Feb Self-esteem building
17th Feb Get the conversation started on ND-debate
24th Feb Active writing and reading

Part 3 March 2021 – Vimeo links
Vimeo links provided for the following dates with live discussion 11-12pm:
3RD March Learning and being Neurodivergent
10TH March Neurodivergent friendly technology
17th March Communications and social media-DNA
24th March Active Writing

Research Seminar on Zoom in November 2020
The seminar was successful with good participant engagement. 56 people participated. The seminar enabled people to 1) share knowledge and practice 2) to be energised through this

Throughout the period of November 2020 to July 2021 the AA worked towards an e journal to be published in
October 2021. This journal successfully received 13 submissions following a call for submissions in March 2021. journal-2021.pdf

Achievements and performance

a. Investment policy and performance

• Funds are invested for the benefit of the beneficiaries. All participating dyslexic/ neurodivergent adults can access AchieveAbility at no cost.
• As a charity AchieveAbility has tax exemption with the HMRC.
• Financial review is linked to the business review in July 2020.